Middle School

Middle School Program

A program for boys and girls in grades 6 through 8 where the rowers learn the basics of rowing through sculling (two oars) and sweeping (one oar). The rowers will compete in scrimmages and regattas with other rowing clubs in the area. The focus is on learning a safe stroke, enjoying being in the boat, and developing a sense of teamwork with the other crew members.

​Fall ’17 registration will open in August.  Please check back!

Questions?  Please contact the registrar at (510) 542-9693 or at registrar@artemisrowingclub.org

PLEASE NOTE: ALL rowers must provide a swim ability certificate signed by a lifeguard on the first day of practice; rowers without a swim ability certificate will not be allowed on the water. Swim ability certificates available during the registration process or on the registration page.