Middle School

Middle School Program

A program for boys and girls in grades 6 through 8 where the rowers learn the basics of rowing through sculling (two oars) and sweeping (one oar).  The focus is on learning a safe stroke, enjoying being in the boat, and developing a sense of teamwork with the other crew members.  Training sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 4:15 pm – 6:30 pm.  Coordinating carpooling with other team parents is encouraged.

Registration is now open for Spring 2020!  Click here to register

Questions?  Please call (510) 542-9673 or contact the registrar at registrar@artemisrowingclub.org

PLEASE NOTE: ALL rowers must provide a swim ability certificate signed by a lifeguard on the first day of practice; rowers without a swim ability certificate will not be allowed on the water. Swim ability certificates available during the registration process or on the registration page.