Safety Information

Safety Information

USRowing Safety Video

This updated USRowing safety video was produced with the goal of minimizing accidents and injury to rowers and coaches. Though all coaches and coxswains must watch this video once a year, we strongly encourage all rowers to spend a few minutes to watch this video. It could save a life!


The SafeSport policy found below explains the mandatory policies and procedures relating to Artemis Rowing volunteers, board members, employees, and contractors. While the mission of Artemis Rowing is to create a competitive, community-based youth rowing program that reflects the diversity of the East Bay, our priority is the safety of our athletes, coaches, staff, and volunteers. Consequently, we take safety and professionalism very seriously. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Artemis Rowing Safety Officer or the Artemis Rowing Club Board of Directors whose contact information can be found here.

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